Change that takes root

A Mahout is an elephant driver. And just as it takes skill to guide a heavy beast, driving effective and lasting change in an organisation is a rare ability.

Aya Ferguson is passionate about change. She began Mahout after 15 years of making change stick in large and highly complex higher education and public sector organisations. She has enabled change to take root at several universities and was part of the team that delivered the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Quite simply, Aya believes that unless people are brought on the change journey, unless they’re engaged and excited, unless they understand and own new ways of working and are motivated to progress them, change won’t happen. Which means that benefits won’t happen. Return on investment won’t happen. It pays to invest in good change management.

What makes Aya different is her talent for driving the emotional and unconscious part of a change management programme through highly effective engagement and communication skills, common sense and empathy.

In a world where change is the only constant, you need the person leading the change programme to be passionate and inspiring.

Talk to Mahout, and make sure your change takes root.