Whether you need help developing a change management strategy, managing your change programme, shaping your change communications or improving some of your processes, Mahout can help.

Change management

Mahout employs a structured approach to ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and successfully to achieve lasting benefits. Using the Prosci approach to change management, Mahout can help you scope your change management strategy and prepare your change management teams. We can help you develop you change management plans, including:


  • communications planprosci-logo
  • sponsor roadmap
  • training plan
  • coaching plan
  • resistance management plan

Training & development

Key to achieving any kind of change, whether a big transformation programme or simply getting a new team to work productively together, is involving people in the change. At Mahout we have place high importance on co-creation and engagement. We can help your organisation get the most out of your people through:


  • Training – Mahout can develop and deliver bespoke training to suit your needs and budget in the following areas: Change Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Project & Programme Management
  • Coaching –  if you have a person or group of people who would benefit from some coaching and mentoring in change management, Mahout can develop a coaching programme tailored to your specific goals
  • Facilitation – whether you are planning an Away Day, some training and development, a lessons learned session or a team building event, Mahout can help you plan and facilitate the day to achieve the results you need.

Process improvement

All organisations rely on processes to get work done. Processes typically evolve over time and become inefficient ways of working. Mahout can help you improve your processes through professionally facilitated workshops which enable your staff to take ownership of their own processes, examine how they do things and come up with better ways of working. All workshops result in clear and easily implemented actions which will deliver lasting benefits for your organisation.