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Change management

Mahout employs a structured approach to ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and successfully to achieve lasting benefits.

We’re passionate about supporting people through change to deliver lasting benefits both for organisations and individuals.


Aya’s change management and management consultancy background provides deep practical insights into organisational dynamics and change adaptation.

As an empathetic coach, she creates a safe space to explore meaningful topics and find practical ways to enhance your working life positively. 


Training & development

Key to achieving any kind of change, whether a big transformation programme or simply getting a new team to work productively together.

Training offers include change management for executive leaders, managers and teams and is always tailored to your needs to ensure maximum value for you and your organisation.


Caught in the Middle

The first development membership programme for middle managers in Higher Education.


This group are the key to translating leadership goals into action, yet often the most dissatisfied. Caught in the Middle empowers middle managers through development, support, and connections, fostering their success in this critical role.

Caught in the Middle (

Aya Ferguson

About Mahout

Aya Ferguson is passionate about change. Quite simply, Aya believes that unless people are brought on the change journey, unless they’re engaged and excited, unless they understand and own new ways of working and are motivated to progress them, change won’t happen.

"Having worked with Aya in 2 organisations in the last two years, it’s clear her passion for stakeholder engagement is central to everything she delivers. She works tirelessly to ensure the voices of those impacted by change are heard and acted upon by sponsoring groups, and those people are supported through each stage of their change journey. Aya’s many years of experience in both project and programme environments means she is expertly positioned to be able to see clearly where resistance points may lurk and work to effectively overcome them. Her experience also means she has a clear view of where change dependencies lie and how to manage them smoothly. In addition she is an expert facilitator and I will definitely continue to engage her for work on our large transformational change programme."

– Holly Sorce, Head of Change, King’s College London

“Always full of energy and enthusiasm, Aya was a great asset to have on a team. As well as her business knowledge her willingness to get involved in extra-curricula aspects of work was of great benefit. Cake Wednesday would never have got off the ground without her!”

– Cate Caruth, PA Consulting

"Aya is a superb change-management consultant. She has both the conceptual analytical skills and the emotional intelligence needed to quickly understand complex issues, and the ability to assess people’s emotional and intellectual motivations and responses. She reads people, groups and situations very well, a skill that is not nearly as common as analytical intelligence, yet which is crucial for effective management and change management. Aya is warm, friendly and outgoing, and she generally has a calming influence on situations. She has been a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her very strongly."

– Peter McBurney, Head of Department of Informatics, King’s College London

"Aya is exceptional at building momentum and collaboration between often disparate groups of stakeholders. She does this with grace, a steadfast hand, unflappable good spirits and a creative and enthusing energy."

– Anne Bowers, Director, Pordes Associates

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